Economists Say

Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates:

“deep uncertainty”

“…AI has become vastly more sophisticated in a short time, with machines now able to learn, not just follow programmed instructions, and to respond to human language and movement. At the same time, the American work force has gained skills at a slower rate than in the past…”

panel of leading economists about automation:

“33 percent said technology was a central reason that median wages had been stagnant over the past decade”

“…there’s no guarantee this will work out.”




Ekonomia Ubera

“makes it possible to live your life without leaving your house”

„In my hometown of Mumbai”

“instant gratification” economy is a falsehood




Technological Progress, Job Creation, and Job Destruction

“…from positive to negative as the cost of updating existing technology rises above a unique critical level.”

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