intellectual synergy: communicate, coordinate, decide

„… will help forge a dynamic research community out of scientists, engineers and doctors using disparate approaches to a common problem: how and why do molecules, cells and organisms communicate with each other and modify their activities based on these communications?”

„Historically, the study of “social behaviors” has been concerned with the interactions between conspecific animals.”

„But the study of social behaviors is much broader than that.

„Surprisingly, experts in distinct areas rarely communicate with each other.”

„…understanding questions such as:

(i) Are there unifying principles and concepts operating in systems where social behavior occurs, if so, what are they?

(ii) How do individuals in a group communicate with one another to coordinate behavior and establish division of labor and make group decisions?”

„integrated involvement…”

„…of physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, social scientists, physicians and engineers.”

„It is the intellectual synergy

social behaviors manifest themselves at the molecular level

„how social behaviors can be re-engineered in biomedical and environmental applications.